STM32 Library for Texas Instruments ADC ADS1262 ADS1263 ADS126X

On my github account you can find this useful library that I made to use this Texas Instruments high resolution adc ADS1262 ADS1263 ADS126X. It has been written starting from a c++ library and builded with STM32 HAL libraries. Star Follow me to get all the future updates! Follow @dinamitemic

MySensors iOT Node

This project is addressed to everyone how wants to build and develop by himselves a cheap and scalable home automation system. The main goal of the project is to develop a simple board for every sensor you can place in a house (temperature, humidity, pressure, dust, motion, LCD, relays).It is designed to be AC mains … Read more

Say welcome to the OpenDAQ

An open source data acquisition board based on the STM32F4.
-10x extremely high resolution analog inputs (32bit primary ADC+ 24bit secondary ADC)
-4x low res analog inputs (12 bit embedded ADC)
-4x NPN logic isolated digital output
-2x programmable analog outputs (12bit DAC + op-amps)
-PC connections available over USB or wifi (nrf24 or esp8266)
-2x I2C interface
-4x UART/USART interface
-1x SPI interface (shared with nrf24)
-Expansion GPIO for extra CAN, digital inputs/outputs, 3v3 regulated power supply, usart, i2c connections
-Wide operating input voltage: from 6,5 to 36 Volt

Additionally to the STM32F4 you can use an ESP8266 to develop custom Wi-Fi application. It is interfaced with the micro by uart.

More information about price, availability and a getting started guide will be made available soon..

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WallText – LED Matrix Notification System

The aim of the project is to create a system that allows you to show the smartphone’s notifications directly on a led matrix Used materials: Arduino Uno (Aliexpress link) Bluetooth Module HC-06 (Aliexpress Link) LED Matrix (MAX7219 driver) (Aliexpress Link) Involved softwares: 1)Arduino IDE 2)Android Studio Arduino libraries used: MD_Parola (download link) and MD_MAX72XX (download … Read more