HW-CAN: A Highly integrated USB-CAN Sniffer based on STM32

I had been looking for this kind of products for a long time without so many good results (maybe I’m not so good in searching :P).

Tha main key-features that I was looking for were:

  • Being based on STM32, that is where I have more experience and I can customize and develop my own firmware.
  • Compact size
  • Being able to receive all the messages running on the bus at real-time
  • Being able to act as a node as well, so i can trasmit data and check if other nodes are well configured
  • Satisfing this last two points means that you can also use two same boards to setup a fully working bus
  • Being able to control by software the CAN 120 ohm termination resistor
  • Extra: having some GPIOs to play with

Finding something with all this required specs cannot be so easy so why don’t develop our own version??

After some hours of searching for components, studiyng datasheets and designing this is the result:

Top side of PCB

Bottom side of PCB

Feel free to contact me for any information like price, availability or whatever else.

Final result

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