FYSETC S6: 3D Printer Board Description and PWM Bug Fix

Recently I’ve received this new and promising board for 3D Printers: the Fysetc S6.

Fysetc S6 board under testing

Hardware description:

Based on a powerfull STM32F446 microcontroller, I think that is one of the best board that you can find on market.
It has 512KB of flash, so it’s possible to take benefits from all the advanced features of Marlin firmware.

It feature also:

  • 6x slot for stepper drivers (X,Y,Z,E0,E1,E2) with double connectors for Z1 and Z2 motors (in series) and integrated TMC communication interfaces directly connected to the MCU
  • Integrated DCDCs for input voltage to up to 28V and dedicated output rails at 12V (for fans) and 5V (for sensors/BLTouch..)
  • Huge mosfets for heated bed and hotend as well as dedicated mosfet for RGB lighting or other auxiliarly stuff
  • Protected inputs with fuses and reverse polarity protection
  • Many other features that you can find in detail on Fysetc Wiki page

Known Issues:

Despite all the good pros, this board has also some cons and well known issues determined by its youth.

PWM PROBLEM: One of the most issue of this board was a bug in the pwm peripherals that was compromising it’s functionality. After some trouble shooting I’ve found where was the problem and fixed it.

It was due to a wrong configuration of the PWM resolution value in the file “buildroot/share/PlatformIO/variants/FYSETC_S6/variant.h”

//Changing from:

Makes everything correctly working.

Here you can find a list of additional usefull resources and links:

Demo video of the PWM correctly working:

I hope that you enjoy it and if you have any question or suggestion let me know leaving a comment below!

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