STM32 Library for Melexis IR Temperature Sensor MLX90614

On my github account you can find this useful library that I made to use with Melexis IR Temperature Sensor MLX90614.
It has beendeveloped with STM32 HAL libraries.

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UPDATE: I’ve prepared a demo project running on the STM32F4-DISCOVERY in order to better understand how to get it working.
You can find it in the attachment.


6 thoughts on “STM32 Library for Melexis IR Temperature Sensor MLX90614”

  1. hi thi is mady. i am working on mlx90614. i have a problem with mlx. actually i got a object temperature of mlx. the problem is i did not get accurate temperature like i put the sensor on my body it gave 34 o Celsius only. not 36 o celsius. can you tell me if you know the solution to my problem. i am not changed or write any configuration register and other.

    • Hi @mady!
      If you encounter problem like this you have to setup the emissivity register of your sensor.
      You will find how to do that in the datasheet of the sensor as well as how to find the new value to write in the reg based on the temp readed and the real temp.


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